What our clients say


NKP has managed my investment portfolios (super and non-super) since 2017 when my previous Godfrey Pembroke financial advisor, with whom I had been a client for 28 years, retired.

In the past 2 years, NKP has earned my trust and is authorised, on my behalf, to make decisions with respect to my portfolios – though they always consult with me beforehand.

Their qualified and skilled staff keep impeccable records and contact me whenever they deem a need to do so (e.g. on receipt of advice from Godfrey Pembroke/ other financial resources, from their own experience or even when a good ‘fund manager’ changes ‘funds’), or a perceived need (e.g. when markets get ‘twitchy’), at least quarterly with financial updates and formally, for a detailed review of my portfolio, annually. Following such a review, which can take place at my home or in NKP’s Parramatta office, a comprehensive ‘Statement of Advice’ report is issued.

Meanwhile they field my own concerns (e.g. which assets to sell to meet a major upcoming expense, e.g. car purchase or overseas holiday, with minimum capital gains tax implications) or enquiries (e.g. data related to completing my annual tax return) in a prompt, friendly and professional manner, on each and every occasion.
With sound reasoning, and in ‘straight talking’ language, NKP’s advice/ recommendations can be wide ranging – from:

  • ‘tweaking’ my portfolios, (which are broad based to achieve my goals, given my age and changing risk profile over time), to assure that my partner and I can still comfortably live on our retirement income streams (leaving ‘drawdowns of principal’ for larger periodic expenses), to
  • ensuring I always have enough cash in reserve (to ‘weather any market downturn’ without needing to ‘sell down assets’ and thereby ‘lock in a loss’), to
  • taxation issues (in collaboration with my tax consultant), to
  • budgeting (weekly, monthly, yearly – including advice on welfare entitlements and health cover matters), and even to
  • estate planning (e.g. the need for an up to date ‘will’, an enduring guardianship and a power of attorney), in consultation with my solicitor to check, for example, that the super trustee must honour the instructions given in my ‘will’.
  • NKP is even able to make recommendations on how best we could transition to aged care living in future!

Their annual fee for this comprehensive and customised service is very reasonable indeed. In my case – these fees are tax deductible which makes them even more affordable.
My partner and I are very glad we switched to NKP when our previous excellent Godfrey Pembroke financial advisor retired.

I have full confidence in NKP’s competence to allow me ‘to sleep each night’, no matter the state of the various local or international financial markets to which my investments are exposed. Their help is necessary and appreciated.

KT – Client since 2017



Our relationship with NKP has stretched over many years and more than a few family milestones, from raising a family, surviving retrenchment and moving into a satisfying and comfortable retirement. This would not have been so easily achieved if left to our own devices.

Our partnership with John has grown as he supported us on this path and made sure we planned for that next stage in our lives to make the transition as smooth as possible, when no matter how much we think we know, it is invaluable having someone proactively alerting you to those issues we may not be aware of. We get sound advice tailored to our aspirations and comfort level built on a close personal relationship.

When the unexpected happens or we just need to query something John and his team have delivered with fast and smart advice, and if necessary, sorted out the matter on our behalf.

RC – Client since 2004



NKP have provided me with an excellent service for many years. Andrew and John have taken care to develop a relationship with me so that they understand my situation, my financial needs and my goals. They take time to talk to me and always communicate clearly and thoroughly.

This personal focus is one based on trust and respect. I trust their judgment as I trust their advice. I respect their professionalism and their commitment to my financial well being. I feel that I am in safe hands.

AG – Client since 1998



Our association with Godfrey Pembroke, and more recently yourselves, spans many years and we have appreciated and have benefited from the expert professional advice given over these years. More importantly we want to acknowledge how you both put our best interests at the forefront of any decisions that were made regarding our portfolio and any personal matters we might encounter.

JK & AK – Clients since 1997



We first met Andrew almost 20 years ago to advise us on our future retirement fund and he has been looking after our financial affairs ever since.

He, along with John and the rest of the team have been a pleasure to deal with and have offered sound financial advice in a professional manner.

PR & JR – Clients since 2000



Thank You for inviting us to come along and spend, some memorable time with yourselves, your dedicated staff, and your families.

I’d like to thank you both, for the considerate, professional, as well as most friendly way you, that you manage our retirement savings.
No issue is ever too trivial, and your prompt attention is given to any concern that we may have.

SP & DP – Clients since 1998



Just a brief note to advise that we have been clients of Godfrey Pembroke (and subsequently Newcombe Kritsimas partnership) for almost 25 years.

In that time, initially Ian Stuart saved us much trouble which was being levied on us by my past employer, and in so doing saved us a considerable amount pf money.

We later were looked after by Andrew Newcombe, and more recently by John Kritsimas, and I can say with absolute certainty that we have received the highest level of service in all matters.

These guys are just great and caring and we are completely happy with our association with them

MD & DB – Clients since 1995



When my husband retired we looked around for a conservative financial planning group and settled on what was then Godfrey Pembroke in Thornleigh. It appealed for many reasons but one was because they were prepared to talk to me alone and explain financial matters in simple terms, and not make me feel ignorant.

When my husband died, I could not have asked for more support from John and Andrew, in practical support and professional and personal help. I am always made to feel welcome and treated as if I am someone special whenever I ask for help. Questions are answered promptly and courteously and reviews are very professional.

I have recommended them to other people and would not hesitate to do so again. Through it all I have to say John and Andrew have handled my affairs well and I am doing as well as anyone can at the moment in Australia.

GD – Client since 1996



We sought out a professional Financial Planner several years ago – knowing that retirement was just around the corner. We had accumulated some wealth through the years, but were unsure if it would be enough to retire on.

We were lucky enough to choose Andrew and John as our Financial Planners and have been delighted with our decision since. After listening to our goals and discussing our financial situation, they presented us with a plan that covered the period in our lead up to retirement and beyond. They took the time to educate us about the various strategies they devised for us to ensure we were comfortable when it came time to implement them.

Even through the Global Financial Crisis, although worried like most investors, we were comforted by the fact that Andrew and John kept in regular contact and changed our investments to minimise the downward impact on our portfolio.

We are now happily enjoying our retirement. Although markets are uncertain – we feel very relaxed in the knowledge that Andrew and John are keeping an eye on things, regularly reviewing our position and we can call them anytime to discuss our situation.

We recommend anybody looking for a Financial Planner who genuinely cares about you – to give Newcombe Kritsimas Partners a call.

MD & JD – Clients since 2004