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In 1998, Andrew Newcombe joined a financial planning practice at Thornleigh as a Client Service Manager and assisted in the day to day running of the office. Within a year, Andrew became an adviser and helped to grow the business until the owner retired in 2004. 

That same year, Andrew acquired the business with his new business partner, Roy Naayen who owned a practice in Brighton Le-Sands. The two businesses merged at this time.

John Kritsimas joined the practice in 2005 and started as a Client Service Manager. With John on board, the business ran successfully until Roy sadly passed away in 2008. At this stage it was left to Andrew, John and the Thornleigh team to look after the business through the Global Financial Crisis.

In 2011, Andrew and John formed a partnership – “Newcombe Kritsimas Partners”. In July 2012, we moved our office to Parramatta. We are fortunate to have a meeting room in Thornleigh to see our Sydney North clients and also in Mortdale to see our clients from the Sydney South area.

Since forming our partnership, we have been focussed on delivering a friendly, educational and positive experience for our clients.

We’re both in our forties with young families. We understand the value of creating and protecting wealth and the security and comfort it creates for our partners and our children. This philosophy is paramount when we consider strategies and investments for our clients as we know that this is equally important to them.


All of our clients are different and each of them has a unique set of financial and lifestyle goals. Our job is to identify them and assist our clients in achieving these goals.
Provide a positive client experience with a high level of service.

Keep it simple. Most people don’t need complex strategies that they don’t understand to achieve their goals.

Where a complex strategy is required – we ensure we educate our clients to ensure they comprehend what it is and why they need it.

Andrew Newcombe and John Kritsimas
Newcombe Kritsimas Partners

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.