Lending/debt management services

Gearing is a proven strategy for multiplying your wealth-creation potential and accessing new investment opportunities sooner. But debt also needs to be carefully managed, both to keep costs under control and to avoid excessive risk. That’s because gearing can multiply losses as well as gains.

We can help you use gearing more effectively, with a disciplined debt management strategy designed to:

  • Maximise tax-effectiveness by balancing investment and non-investment debt to achieve the best after-tax outcome.
  • Multiply capital gains with geared investments tailored to your investment time-frame and attitude towards risk.
  • Drive down after-tax borrowing costs by securing lower-cost loans and structuring repayments for maximum effectiveness.
  • Manage risk through prudent debt management and a range of strategies including hedging, liquidity strategies and capital protected investments.

Debt management strategies

Here are some of the debt management strategies we may help you explore, depending on your needs.

  • Portfolio loans By consolidating all of your borrowings in a single, flexible structure, a portfolio loan can help you reduce your overall borrowing costs and leverage the equity you have built up across your portfolio of assets.
  • Margin lending Designed especially for share and managed fund investments, margin lending can be a cost-effective tool for rapidly expanding your portfolio without tying down other assets as security.
  • Structured investments Structured investments can offer geared access to a selected asset class or a diversified portfolio, designed to generate a predictable combination of income and capital gains over a specified time-frame.
  • Capital protected loans Capital protected loans can help you build an instant portfolio without the need to find capital upfront, taking advantage of the power of gearing with less risk.