Executive financial planning & CFO services

Your career is satisfying and demanding — but it also leaves you with little time to devote to your own finances. Meanwhile, as your career progresses, your financial needs are becoming more complex.

At Godfrey Pembroke, we act as your personal CFO, with sophisticated strategies to help you manage, extend and preserve your growing wealth. They include expert advice on salary packaging, share and option schemes, tax planning and SMSFs, with specialised solutions to ensure your money works as hard as you do.

Our clients include successful professionals and high-ranking executives from some of Australia’s leading companies, so we understand the unique pressures you face. We support you with exclusive investment opportunities and sophisticated strategies to manage your growing wealth, including salary packaging, tax-effective investing, and tailored strategies to manage a concentrated exposure to your company’s stock.

A personalised financial plan

We follow a disciplined wealth planning process, designed to unlock your financial potential and create a holistic plan for every aspect of your financial life:

1. Understanding

Every client is unique, so we begin by exploring your lifestyle aspirations in detail, helping you to create concrete and measurable objectives to act as the centrepiece of your plan. We’ll also clearly outline our services and our fees, so you’ll know upfront what our advice will cost and what you’ll receive in return.

2. Strategy

Once we know where you want to be in life, we’ll develop a strategy designed to help you get there. First, we’ll review your existing investments to ensure they support your goals, identifying any gaps and emerging risks that could impact performance. Then we’ll create an ongoing strategy to maximise your financial potential and protect the lifestyle you have worked so hard to build.

We’ll document our suggested approach in a detailed Statement of Advice, setting out your investment, superannuation and wealth protection options, and bringing your financial strategy to life.

3. Implementation

When you’re happy with your financial plan, we can help you execute it, building and managing your portfolio of wealth creation and protection solutions. In doing so, we work in close collaboration with you and other professional advisers, like your accountant, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

4. Review

We’ll meet with you regularly to advise you on your progress and keep you informed about new opportunities, emerging risks and regulatory changes. So you can relax and enjoy life, confident that your financial future is in good hands.

Sophisticated strategies

We’ll work with you to explore a range of advanced strategies and investment options, including:

  • Direct equities. Drawing on Godfrey Pembroke’s extensive research capabilities, we’ll help you create a portfolio tailored to your individual wealth management objectives.
  • IPOs and capital raisings. Exclusive investment opportunities from fast-moving emerging companies.
  • Tax-effective strategies. Investment options and strategies including geared investments, salary packaging, trusts and self-managed super.
  • Capital-protected investments. Geared investments with the security of built-in capital protection.
  • Structured investments. Specialised investments structured to generate income or capital gains over a specified time-frame, often with tax benefits.
  • SMSF management. Tailored support to help you manage the complexities of setting up and administering a self-managed super fund, with a personalised investment strategy for accelerated wealth creation.
  • Wraps and portfolio administration. Consolidated investment management and reporting.
  • Trusts: advice, administration and independent trustee services for a range of private trust structures, helping to safeguard your assets and create a lasting legacy.