Cash flow management

As your wealth increases and your financial situation becomes more complex, managing cashflow can become a full-time job. We help you make the most of your cash, maximising the return from your short-term cash holdings while ensuring you have money on hand for investment costs, new opportunities, and your immediate lifestyle needs.

Your personalised cashflow management strategy will help you to:

  • Reduce risk by building high-performing cash investments into your investment portfolio.
  • Maintain liquidity for short-term investment and lifestyle needs.
  • Streamline administration by automating and controlling regular investments and other outgoings, as well as dividends and investment income.
  • Simplifying compliance with the complex rules governing SMSFs, trusts and other structures, through comprehensive transaction tracking and tax reporting.

Cashflow management strategies

Here are some of the cash management strategies we can help you explore, depending on your needs.

  • Cash accounts and term deposits Secure, high-performing options for your short-term cash holdings.
  • Fixed interest investments Low-risk investments that produce a predictable income over the medium term, including government and corporate bonds.
  • Income stream strategies High-yield investments in property, shares and other asset classes, designed to generate a tax-effective income stream.
  • SMSFs and trusts Centralised cashflow management for SMSFs and trusts, streamlining reporting and reducing administrative complexity.
  • Portfolio administration services Centralised administration and reporting for every aspect of your investment portfolio.
  • Cashflow analysis and budget management. Structuring your liquidity and investments to balance tax effectiveness, cash flow needs and cash accessibility.